Ultralight solar panels that go where others can’t

Bila Solar’s glass-free 520 W solar panels weigh 70 percent less than conventional modules. They’re easier and faster to install everywhere.

Pioneering technology to enable solar power everywhere

Bila Solar combines the proven benefits of crystalline silicon solar cells with our patented aerospace composites. We’ve launched a new category of high-efficiency, ultralight solar panels that can be installed where others can’t. Our glass-free and flexible PV panels are an excellent choice for low load-bearing commercial roofs, carports, and curved surfaces.

Made in Indiana and ready to power the world

Up to 520 W Power Rating


Our frameless, glass-free panels will be manufactured at Bila Solar’s US headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana, starting mid-2024. They use the same high efficiency mono-PERC solar cells and pass the same IEC 61215 and 61730 standards as conventional panels, but weigh up to 70 percent less.